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Educational Technology

1972 Volume 12, Number 12

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 12

  1. Application of Psychology to Educational Technology

    Lawrence M. Stolurow

    pp. 9-14

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  2. The End of an Era in American Education

    George N. Gordon

    A review of the effects of educational technology on the American educational system in the past 25 years. (AK) More

    pp. 15-19

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  3. It's a Word, It's a Name, It' Educational Technologist

    George Geis & Jan Klaassen

    A look at the proper terminology to be used in the field of educational technology. (AK) More

    pp. 20-22

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  4. Levels of Concept Mastery: Implications for Instruction

    Dorothy A. Frayer

    pp. 23-29

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  5. Inferential Statistics, Operant Conditioning and Distinctions Between Teaching and Evaluation

    John M. Throne

    pp. 29-32

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  6. Affective Priorities and Educational Objectives

    David T. Miles

    pp. 33-35

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  7. A Four-Domain Taxonomy for Classifying Educational Tasks and Objectives

    Bruce W. Tuckman

    pp. 36-38

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  8. Lay and Professional Opinion in Selecting and Evaluating Educational Goals and Objectives

    Marvin C. Alkin & David Churchman

    pp. 39-41

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  9. The Tools of Instructional Technology

    Frederick G. Knirk & Mary C. Ware

    pp. 41-43

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  10. A Technology-Based Educational System Using Computer Management

    R W. Hayman & W Lord

    pp. 43-51

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  11. The Humanist and Computer Assisted Instruction--or Until the Lightning Struck

    La Verne W. Miller

    The author discusses the problems of developing a computer assisted instructional program for a college. (AK) More

    pp. 52-28

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  12. Teaching Classification by Computer

    James G. Holland & Judith Doran

    pp. 58-60

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