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Educational Technology

1971 Volume 11, Number 9

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Number of articles: 12

  1. An Audiographic Repository of Knowledge for Conversational Learning

    Vladimir Slamecka

    A prototype of a novel system (featuring narrative voice presentation with simultaneous motion graphics) for conversational learning is described." (Editor) More

    pp. 15-20

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  2. A Systems Model for Instructional Design and Management

    Bruce W. Tuckman & Keith J. Edwards

    pp. 21-26

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  3. Hierarchical Models in the Development of a Theory of Instruction: A Comparison of Bloom, Gagne and Merrill

    Robert D. Tennyson & M David Merrill

    pp. 27-30

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  4. Behavioral Objectives for the Social Studies in General Education

    Sidney J. Drumheller

    This article provides for the teacher a global perspective of social studies objectives with respect to the behaviors needed by the citizen to live in his social world." (Author) More

    pp. 31-34

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  5. Computers and Education: Toward Agreement and Terminology

    Alan B. Salisbury

    pp. 35-40

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  6. Classroom Evaluation of Learning Disabilities

    George H. Early

    This article suggests some practical resources for classroom teachers in the detection of learning disabilities." (Authors) More

    pp. 40-43

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  7. Measuring Educational Priorities

    Robert E. Stake & Dennis Gooler

    The author discusses the need to establish lines of communication between instructional researcher and curriculum developer" in order to improve the statement of educational priorities." (Authors... More

    pp. 44-48

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  8. Educational Technology Assistance for Developing Countries

    Clifton Chadwick & Robert M. Morgan

    pp. 49-53

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  9. The Joint Standards: Media or Mediocrity?

    Judith Burns

    This article presents a short discussion of the history and content of Standards for School Media Programs," a joint publication of the American Association of School Librarians and the Department... More

    pp. 53-56

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  10. Principal Behavior in the School Climate: A Systems Analysis

    Thomas W. Wiggins

    pp. 57-59

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  11. Decision Levels: A Neglected Factor in Cost-Benefit Analyses

    William J. Gephart

    pp. 60-61

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  12. Performance Contracting Report

    James A. Mecklenburger

    pp. 62-0

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