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Educational Technology

1971 Volume 11, Number 2

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Number of articles: 14

  1. A Technology of Preschool Education

    Vaughn E. Stimbert

    The purpose of this paper is to state the rationale for expanding applied scientific efforts to the area of early education and to suggest some goals for the resulting technology." (Author) More

    pp. 9-12

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  2. Optimum Learning and Optimal Environments: A View from a Child Development Perspective

    L R. Goulet

    This article has been devoted to selected theoretical and empirical issues in child development which bear directly on the instructional process. Little attention, however, has been given to the... More

    pp. 13-18

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  3. Sesame Street: Shaping Broadcast Television to Needs of the Preschooler

    Edward L. Palmer

    The producer of Sesame Street" explains the research efforts directed toward finding an optimum fit between the child's needs and preferences and the show's instructional goals," and answers some... More

    pp. 18-22

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  4. A Systems Approach to Early Education: The Discovery Program

    Ronald K. Parker & David C. Whitney

    A description of a comprehensive educational system designed to enhance the learning of preschool children through involvement of both the children and their parents." (Author/AA) More

    pp. 22-28

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  5. Universal Parenthood Training: A Laboratory Approach to Teaching Child-Rearing Skills to Every Parent

    Robert P. Hawkins

    Discusses the need ro a program which would leave the responsibility of child rearing with the parents, but take measures to assure that virtually all parents have the necessary skills and... More

    pp. 28-31

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  6. The Learning Village: A Behavioral Approach to Early Education

    Roger E. Ulrich

    Describes a program designed to accelerate and enhance the development of children by applying scientifically sound educational procedures as soon after birth as possible and by continuing their... More

    pp. 32-45

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  7. "Home-Loop" Instruction: Some Applications to Preschool Education

    Lea W. Joyner & Vaughn E. Stimbert

    The authors describe a system which refers to the use of teleprocessing terminal hardware in an off-line (non-computerized) mode for instructional purposes." (Author/AA) More

    pp. 46-48

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  8. A Reinforcement Theory Perspective of Early Child Rearing and Education

    Richard P. Toister

    pp. 49-51

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  9. Programs and Projects: Intervention in Early Childhood

    Norris G. Haring

    This article presents a few specific programs designed to accelerate appropriate social and verbal behavior" in preschool children. Appended are 23 references. (Author/AA) More

    pp. 52-61

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  10. A Review of Research on Behavior Modification in the Home and School

    Joseph Tramontana

    pp. 61-64

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  11. A Comprehensive Approach to Educational Day Care

    Richard Ney

    pp. 65-66

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  12. A Review of Learning Principles Applicable to Preschool Reading Instruction

    Eugene E. McDowell

    pp. 67-72

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  13. The Clarifying Environments Program

    Omar Khayyam Moore

    A brief description of a program whose long-range objective is to create an experimentally grounded theory of human problem solving and social interaction." (Author/AA) More

    pp. 73-77

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  14. Using Intrinsic Motivation to Teach Young Children

    J McV. Hunt

    pp. 78-80

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