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Educational Technology

1970 Volume 10, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 9

  1. The Need for Curriculum Reform

    Richard W. Burns & Gary D. Brooks

    "Fourteen reasons why our curricula need changing" are identified and discussed. (Author/LS) More

    pp. 8-12

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  2. Cultural Change and the Curriculum: 1970-2000 A.D

    June Grant Shane & Harold G. Shane

    A discussion of the implications for education of changes the future will inevitably bring. (LS) More

    pp. 13-18

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  3. Toward Improved Rigor in the Design of Curricula

    G L. Oliver

    "The general goals of this essay are (1) to improve the rigor and forecasting power of curriculum design and (2) to aid in the development of a set of basic notions or commonplaces for a... More

    pp. 18-23

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  4. Premature Instruction

    George L. Geis

    Discussed are six fundamental questions to be considered before designing and developing an instructional system. (LS) More

    pp. 24-30

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  5. Information-Processing Models and Curriculum Design

    Robert C. Calfee

    "This paper consists of three sections--(a) the relation of theoretical analyses of learning to curriculum design, (b) the role of information-processing models in analyses of learning processes,... More

    pp. 30-8

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  6. The Issue of Readiness in the Design and Organization of the Curriculum: A Historical Perspective

    Edmund V. Sullivan

    pp. 39-48

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  7. A Curriculum is a set of Specifications of Which of the Following: A. Stimuli, B. Responses, C. Both A and B, D. Neither A nor B

    William A. Deterline

    A discussion of whether curricula should be stimulus-oriented or response-oriented. (LS) More

    pp. 48-9

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  8. The Impact of the Mass Media on Curricula

    Richard W. Budd

    "This paper explores the issues, and attempts to arrive at a focus by tapping in at the point where the mass media and education seem to intersect and overlap in function." (Author) More

    pp. 50-3

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  9. The Impact of New Materials and Media on Curricular Design

    Abram W. VanderMeer

    pp. 53-7

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