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The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Dec 14, 2009 Volume 10, Number 6


Rory McGreal; Dianne Conrad

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Number of articles: 13

  1. Adaptation of online courses for new educational contexts

    Jamie Rossiter, Department of Education, University of Oxford

    One of the challenges in online learning is adaptation of material developed for one educational setting to be appropriate in another. Qualitative case-study research explored adaptation of online ... More

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  2. EduBlogs as metaphor

    Glenn Groulx, Athabasca University

    This presentation will discuss a number of recent case studies, contrast examples of private and public edublogs, and explore issues such as learner and instructor roles and responsibilities,... More

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  3. Implementing digital story telling in a Computers in Education course

    Jeton McClinton, Jackson State University

    Assessment and the integration of advanced technologies are key themes for the 21st century educator. The electronic portfolio project was developed to explore the possibilities of using web-based ... More

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  4. Social networking with Web 2.0: A comparative study of on-campus and online students

    Barabara Frey, University of Pittsburg

    In this presentation Barbara Frey and Lorna Kearns summarize a study of back channel communication that took place at the University of Pittsburgh among on-campus and online learners enrolled in... More

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  5. International DE opportunities in difficult economic times

    Jon Baggaley, Centre for Distance Education, Athabasca University

    The world's current economic crisis is placing serious pressures on distance education. In October 2009, the situation was addressed at an International Summit on Distance Education, held in... More

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  6. A case study of an international e-learning training division: Meeting objectives

    Rory McGreal, Athabasca University

    This paper presents an evaluation of the work of the Commonwealth of Learning’s (COL) eLearning with International Organisations (eLIO) section. Participants in the investigation included a... More

    pp. 1-20

  7. Review of distance education research (2000 to 2008): Analysis of research areas, methods, and authorship patterns

    Olaf Zawacki-Richter, Eva Baecker & Sebastian Vogt, FernUniversität in Hagen

    This paper presents a review of distance education literature to describe the status thereof and to identify gaps and priority areas in distance education research based on a validated... More

    pp. 21-50

  8. Time students spend reading threaded discussions in online graduate courses requiring asynchronous participation

    Abbie Brown, East Carolina University; Tim Green, California State University, Fullerton

    The authors report the results of a study that provides bases for comparison between the time necessary to participate in courses delivered asynchronously online and courses delivered in a... More

    pp. 51-64

  9. Online and blended communities of inquiry: Exploring the developmental and perceptional differences

    Zehra Akyol, Suleyman Demirel Universitesi; D Garrison, University of Calgary; M Ozden, Middle East Technical University

    This paper discusses findings of a mixed method approach to a study of the development of a community of inquiry in an online and a blended learning environment. A graduate course delivered online ... More

    pp. 65-83

  10. A review of adventure learning

    George Veletsianos, University of Texas, Austin; Irene Kleanthous, University of Manchester

    Adventure learning (AL) is an approach for the design of digitally-enhanced teaching and learning environments driven by a framework of guidelines grounded on experiential and inquiry-based... More

    pp. 84-105

  11. Evaluation of an undergraduate physics programme of Indira Gandhi National Open University: A case study

    Arundhati Mishra, BJB College, Bhubaneswar; - Vijayshri, IGNOU; Suresh Garg, Centre for Learning and Teaching, National University of Lesotho

    The undergraduate science programme was launched at the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in 1991-92 with an enrolment of 1,210 students. The programme was well received, and... More

    pp. 106-123

  12. The first doctoral program in distance education in North America

    Dorothy Fahlman

    pp. 124-136

  13. Online learning as a strategic asset

    Michael Beaudoin, University of New England

    pp. 137-139