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International Journal of Education and Development using ICT

Aug 31, 2012 Volume 8, Number 2


Stewart Marshall; Wal Taylor

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 10

  1. Using educational webcasts in small multigrade schools of isolated islands

    Michail Giannakos & Panayiotis Vlamos, Ionian University

    The purpose of this study is to present the primary schools’ educational system in small and isolated islands of Greece. These areas, are characterized by inaccessibility and isolation used to... More

  2. Educator discourses on ICT in education: A critical analysis

    Moira Bladergroen & Wallace Chigona, University of Cape Town; Andy Bytheway, Sanet Cox & Chris Dumas, Cape Peninsula University of Technology; Izak Van Zyl, Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano, Switzerland

    This paper discusses a Critical Discourse Analyses (CDA) of Primary School Educators dialogue on the use of ICT in a disadvantaged schooling context. Considering the pivotal role educators play in ... More

  3. The impact of learning driven constructs on the perceived higher order cognitive skills improvement: Multimedia vs. text

    Emily Bagarukayo, Makerere University, Uganda; Theo Weide, Radboud University, Netherlands; Victor Mbarika & Min Kim, Southern University & A&M College, USA, United States

    The study aims at determining the impact of learning driven constructs on Perceived Higher Order Cognitive Skills (HOCS) improvement when using multimedia and text materials. Perceived HOCS... More

  4. Information and communication technology Integration into teaching and learning: Opportunities and challenges for commerce educators in South Africa

    Thomas Assan, North West University, South Africa; Raju Thomas, Barolong High School, South Africa

    The study examined the opportunities available and challenges experienced by Commerce subjects’ educators using ICT. Quantitative and qualitative descriptive research was used. Six high schools... More

    pp. 4-16

  5. Science practical work instructional technologies and open distance learning in science teacher training: A case study in Zimbabwe

    Crispen Bhukuvhani, Mathew Mupa, Misheck Mhishi & Daimond Dziva, Bindura University of Science Education, Zimbabwe

    The practical work component offers unique challenges for university science courses. This is even more pertinent in an Open and Distance Learning (ODL) environment like the Bindura University of... More

    pp. 17-27

  6. Adoption of Web 2.0 technology in higher education: A case study of universities in the National Capital Region, India

    Sunil Tyagi, Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, India

    The present study was conducted in six (6) Indian Universities at NCR (National Capital Region) of India to explore the usage analysis of Web 2.0 technologies in learning environment by faculty... More

    pp. 28-43

  7. A needs assessment to identify the reality of two rural school cases in South Africa: potential for ICT4D or not?

    Caroline Pade-Khene, Rhodes University, South Africa

    Understanding the potential or need for ICT support in education within developing countries, requires an in-depth needs assessment to comprehend, elaborate and set the desired priorities of rural ... More

    pp. 44-61

  8. Bandwidth management in Universities in Zimbabwe: Towards a responsible user base through effective policy implementation

    Lockias Chitanana, Midlands State University, Zimbabwe

    This research was undertaken to investigate the issue of how to make more bandwidth available, in particular the research sought to find out about what universities in Zimbabwe are doing to manage ... More

    pp. 62-76

  9. Pre-service teacher training in Malawi: Findings and recommendations of a pilot on use of media players for teacher development

    Carol Carrier, University of Minnesota, USA, United States; Matthew Finholt-Daniel & Gregory Sales, Seward Inc., USA, United States

    As part of the USAID funded Malawi Teacher Professional Development Support project, a sub-task was the piloting of an alternative technology that could be used for improving the quality and... More

    pp. 77-91

  10. Shifting pedagogical space: Egyptian educators use of Moodle

    Jayson Richardson, University of Kentucky, USA, United States; Matt Finholt-Daniel & Greg Sales, Seward Incorporated, USA, United States; Kevin Flora, University of Kentucky, USA, United States

    This article focuses on exploring the outcomes of an e-learning initiative in Egypt. Researchers conducted training with 17 Egyptian educators on how to build, maintain, and teach using Moodle, an ... More

    pp. 92-106