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International Journal of Education and Development using ICT

Dec 31, 2010 Volume 6, Number 4


Stewart Marshall; Wal Taylor

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Utilizing JUSUR in an information systems course

    Jalila Zouhair, Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia

    The aims of this paper are to report the perceptions of both undergraduate students and the instructor when JUSUR, a web based Learning Management System, is used to supplement the teaching inside ... More

  2. Effective Use of Assistive Technologies for Inclusive Education in Developing Countries: Issues and challenges from two case studies

    Åke Grönlund, Swedish Business School at Örebro University, Sweden; Nena Lim, Curtin University, Australia; Hannu Larsson, Swedish Business School at Örebro University, Sweden

    Developing countries face many obstacles in the process of implementing inclusive education (IE). Effective use of assistive technologies (AT) can help governments in developing countries achieve... More

    pp. 5-26

  3. Pre-service Teachers’ use of improvised and virtual laboratory experimentation in Science teaching

    Crispen Bhukuvhani, Lovemore Kusure, Violet Munodawafa, Abel Sana & Isaac Gwizangwe, Bindura University of Science Education, Zimbabwe

    This research surveyed 16 purposely sampled Bindura University of Science Education (Zimbabwe) Bachelor of Science Education Honours Part III pre-service science teachers’ use of improvised and... More

    pp. 27-38

  4. Multiple factors supporting the transition to ICT-rich learning environments: The Intel® Teach Essentials Course and changing teacher practice in India, Turkey, and Chile

    Daniel Light, EDC-Center for Children and Technology, United States

    Research in wealthy countries has explored the factors that support successful integration of ICT into classrooms, the research community is only beginning to explore the process in developing... More

    pp. 39-51

  5. The readiness of schools of Macao to integrate IT in education and the extent of actual IT integration

    Andy Fan, University of Macau, Taipa, Macau

    Abstract: Colonized by the Portuguese in the 16th century, Macao has become the Macao Special Administrative Region of China since 1999. Under the strong economic growth in recent years, the Macao ... More

    pp. 52-63

  6. Can You Hear Me Now? Student voice: High school & middle school students’ perceptions of teachers, ICT and learning

    Joette Stefl-Mabry, University at Albany, State University of New York, USA, United States; Michael Radlick, CEO Learning Technology Visions, United States; William Doane, Bennington College, Vermont, United States

    Information and Communications Technologies have become tightly woven into the fabric of most middle school and high school students’ lives throughout the United States. However this is true, for... More

    pp. 64-82

  7. Using ICT to enhance Knowledge Management in higher education: A conceptual framework and research agenda

    Walter Omona & Theo van der Weide, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands; Jude Lubega, Makerere University, Uganda

    The adoption and use of ICT to enhance and facilitate KM has brought to focus the urgent need to come out with new methods, tools and techniques in the development of KM systems frameworks,... More

    pp. 83-101

  8. Student teachers’ perceived use of online reading strategies

    Aly Amer, Thuwayba Al Barwani & Mahmoud Ibrahim, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

    Effective use of reading strategies has been recognized as an important means to increase reading comprehension. Many English as a Foreign Language (EFL) or English as a Second Language (ESL)... More

    pp. 102-113