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International Journal of Education and Development using ICT

Oct 24, 2009 Volume 5, Number 5


Tony Carr; Laura Czerniewicz

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 10

  1. e/merge in Africa

    Tony Carr & Laura Czerniewicz, University of Cape Town, South Africa

    Editorial to the e/merge in Africa Special Issue from the e/merge 2008 online conference. More

  2. Increasing education access through open and distance learning in Tanzania: A critical review of approaches and practices

    Willy Komba, Mkwawa University College of Education,A Constituent College of the University o, Tanzania

    With an area of 943,000 square kilometers, Tanzania has a population of about 34 million comprising more than 120 ethnic groups with diverse cultures and notable income differentials. Over 35 per... More

    pp. 8-21

  3. Scarce resources: Conflict and sharing in discourse around primary school email use

    Nicola Pallitt, University of Cape Town, South Africa

    This paper discusses email use in a South African primary school. A conversation analysis of children’s interactions around email activities challenges assumptions about the digital divide. This... More

    pp. 22-32

  4. “Him and Her” - gender differentials in ICT uptake: A critical literature review and research agenda

    Ruth Nsibirano, Makarere University, Uganda

    Observed gender differences in the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) constitute a form of digital divide. Differences between male and female ICT users are of increasing interest... More

    pp. 33-42

  5. Assessing Cell Phone Usage in a South African Township School

    Tino Kreutzer, United Nations Development Programme, South Africa

    This paper reports on a pilot study, which surveyed two grade 11 classes (N = 66) at a secondary school located in a very low-income area in Cape Town, South Africa. Detailed activity-based... More

    pp. 43-57

  6. Investigating popular Internet applications as supporting e-learning technologies for teaching and learning with Generation Y

    Mici Halse & Brenda Mallinson, Rhodes University, South Africa

    This paper introduces generational theory and outlines the characteristics of Generation Y with a particular emphasis on how these relate to their learning styles, and how these characteristics and... More

    pp. 58-71

  7. Using ICTs in Teaching and Learning: Reflections on Professional Development of Academic Staff

    Markus Mostert & Lynn Quinn, Rhodes University, South Africa

    Focussing on professional development of academic staff as higher education practitioners, this paper reports on the relationship between ICTs and teaching and learning in higher education, and on ... More

    pp. 72-84

  8. Creating an online learning ecology in support of mathematical literacy teachers

    Maggie Verster, ICT4Champions, Johannesburg, South Africa

    The introduction of Mathematical Literacy (ML) as a compulsory subject for all learners in the South African Further Education and Training (FET) band who do not take Mathematics, created several... More

    pp. 85-100

  9. Degrees of Openness: The emergence of Open Educational Resources at the University of Cape Town

    Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams & Eve Gray, University of Cape Town, South Africa

    Information and communication technologies (ICTs) provide a range of opportunities to share educational materials and processes in ways that are not yet fully understood. In an extraordinary... More

    pp. 101-116

  10. Educators and the Cape Town Open Learning Declaration: Rhetorically reducing distance

    Andrew Deacon & Catherine Wynsculley, University of Cape Town, South Africa

    The Cape Town Open Education Declaration and other visionary documents seek to unify and challenge educators in the creation and use of open learning resources. We rhetorically analyse the... More

    pp. 117-129