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Electronic Journal of e-Learning

2017 Volume 15, Number 5

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Open Teaching: A New Way on E-Learning?

    Andres Chiappe & Linda L. Lee

    Open Teaching is currently considered an ambiguous and polysemic concept but has nevertheless become a growing global trend in ICT-based education. To identify key issues on the subject, this... More

    pp. 369-383

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  2. Assessing the Utilization Level of E-Learning Resources among ODL Based Pre-Service Teacher Trainees

    Sunday O. Olaniran, M. A. N. Duma & D. R. Nzima

    Electronic resources have become a dominant feature of higher education, both traditional and distance learning based. Unlike in the past when universities relied majorly on the physical library... More

    pp. 384-394

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  3. A Continuum of Teachers' e-Learning Practices

    Osman Sadeck & Johannes Cronjé

    The introduction of technologies into the teaching and learning environment has implied changes to the way education plays out in an e-Environment. Previous research has highlighted the many... More

    pp. 395-408

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  4. Project Robot: A Software Simulation for Systems Engineering Education

    Ross D. Arnold & Jon P. Wade

    The U.S. defense industry spends billions of dollars each year developing defense systems to keep the nation and allies secure. However, the failure rate of system development is notoriously high. ... More

    pp. 409-422

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  5. The Feasibility of E-Learning Implementation in an Iranian University

    M. H. Mirzamohammadi

    The present research aimed to investigate the feasibility of e-learning implementation in an Iranian comprehensive university (included medical and non-medical fields) to provide appropriate... More

    pp. 423-432

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  6. Drivers and Barriers to Adopting Gamification: Teachers' Perspectives

    Antonio Sánchez-Mena & José Martí-Parreño

    Gamification is the use of game design elements in non-game contexts and it is gaining momentum in a wide range of areas including education. Despite increasing academic research exploring the use ... More

    pp. 434-443

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  7. Western Cape Subject Advisors' Perception of Their Preparedness for Connected Classrooms

    Agnes Chigona

    In South Africa, the Western Cape government (WCG)'s current broadband strategy aims to ensure that all schools will be connected to broadband service within a reasonable time-frame. According to... More

    pp. 444-454

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  8. Better Learning of Chinese Idioms through Storytelling: Current Trend of Multimedia Storytelling

    Ee Hui Li & Soon Hin Hew

    Storytelling plays a vital role to impart a nation's tradition, cultural beliefs and history to future generation. It is frequently used for the purpose of sharing or exchanging information as it... More

    pp. 455-466

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