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ED-MEDIA 2009--World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications

Jun 22, 2009


George Siemens; Catherine Fulford

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  1. Experiential-based Digital Resources for Teaching Abstract Concepts of Computer Science to High School Students

    Ming-Puu Chen, Cheng-Chih Wu, Chiung-Hui Chiu, Hsiao-Lan Lee & Ming-Chuan Chen, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

    The Experiential-based Learning of Computer Science (ELCS) was developed based on the experiential learning perspective to provide teachers with flexible-to-adopt, ease-of-use, from-concrete-to... More

    pp. 2523-2529

  2. Student Satisfaction with Online Courses Based on Personality Type

    Doris U. Bolliger, University of Wyoming, United States; Maria D. Avgerinou, DePaul University, United States

    Researchers are currently in the process of investigating levels of satisfaction of online learners at a midwestern university. The data collection has been completed in two of the four courses. It... More

    pp. 2523-2522

  3. A preliminary analysis of Singaporean pre-service teachers’ beliefs and use of ICT in mathematics

    Lu Pien Cheng, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Seow Chong Wong, The University of Georgia, United States

    This study attempts to explore the relation among pre-service teachers’ epistemological beliefs, the beliefs in teaching and learning and their espoused use of ICT in instruction in the specific... More

    pp. 2530-2534

  4. The use of mobile technologies in enhancing learning in South Africa and the challenges of increasing digital divide

    Thato Foko, Meraka Institute, South Africa

    Abstract: Failure at school because children from the low socio-economic background have no access to information and communication technologies motivated this study. The realisation that even the ... More

    pp. 2535-2540

  5. Explaining Topics in Physics: an International Video Study

    David Geelan, University of Queensland, Australia

    Explanation is an under-researched area in science education. The ways in which successful physics teachers explain physics concepts to their students were studied in Australia and Canada using... More

    pp. 2541-2546

  6. Bloom’s taxonomy based approach to learn basic programming

    Anabela Gomes, ISEC – Engineering Institute of Coimbra – Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, Portugal; António Mendes, CISUC – Center for Informatics and Systems of University of Coimbra, Portugal

    Results in programming courses are often very disappointing. There are a variety of reasons that can originate this situation such as the study methods, the student’s abilities and attitudes, the... More

    pp. 2547-2554

  7. A comparison of happiness and self-esteem among students’ various sex- roles

    Bahman Gorjian, TEFL Department, Science & Research Center, Ahvaz branch, Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

    Abstract: This research intended to compare happiness and self-esteem variables among students’ various sex roles. Sample population comprised 657 (i.e., 303 males and 354 female) students in Ahvaz... More

    pp. 2555-2564

  8. Fortress or demi-paradise? Implementing and evaluating problem-based learning in an immersive world

    Lesley Gourlay & Cathy Tombs, Coventry University, United Kingdom

    This paper will present a pedagogical approach for developing scenarios for learning in immersive virtual worlds. Four avatar driven and four information driven problem-based scenarios were... More

    pp. 2565-2571

  9. The Effects Of Androcentric Online Pedagogy On Female Graduate Students' Dropout Rate

    Evelyn Green, The University of Southern Mississippi, United States

    Do male students in the sciences have unfair advantage over female students? Does online course delivery increase the masculine nature of the sciences, thus further increasing the advantage male... More

    pp. 2572-2577

  10. ADDIE Model and Five Tips for Creating School Blogs

    Chia-Ning Ho, Indiana State University, United States; Leon Tsai, Nanya Institute of Technology, Taiwan

    In recent years, online forums have become one of the fastest growing media on the Internet. A considerable number of research studies have shown that online forums can support learning and... More

    pp. 2578-2587

  11. A Mediation Effect of Computer-mediated Communication on EFL Writing

    Su-yi Huang, Lung Hwa University of Science & Technology, Taiwan; Yuying Chang, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

    Abstract: Text-based synchronous computer-mediated communication (SCMC) contains real-time linguistic interactions that can serve the purpose of language learning for English-as-a-foreign-language ... More

    pp. 2588-2597

  12. Don Lavoie, Educational Hypertext and the Concept of Hypertext Learning

    Dmytro Roman Kulchitsky, American University of Kuwait, Kuwait

    Abstract: This paper examines the theoretical implications of Don Lavoie’s ideas and work on the use of educational hypertext. It suggests that Lavoie’s arguments and their application in courses... More

    pp. 2598-2608

  13. Developing Authentic e-Learning through Virtual Benchmarking

    Irja Leppisaari, Central Ostrobothnia University of Applied Sciences, Finland; Leena Vainio, Häme University of Applied Sciences, Finland; Jan Herrington, Murdoch University, Australia

    The implementation of authentic learning elements in 12 universities of applied sciences online courses is examined in this paper. The Virtual Benchmarking Project conducted at the Finnish Virtual ... More

    pp. 2609-2618

  14. Research Trends in E-learning from 2005 to 2007: a Content Analysis of the Articles Published in Selected Journals

    Hung-Miao Lu, 1.Graduate Institute of Information and Computer Education, National Taiwan Normal University 2.Department of Information Management, the Overseas Chinese Institute of Technology, Taiwan; Chiu-Yi Wu & Chiung-Hui Chiu, Graduate Institute of Information and Computer Education, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

    This study conducted a content analysis of articles published in four Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) journals (i.e., British Journal of Educational Technology, Innovations in Education and... More

    pp. 2619-2628

  15. The Extent to which M-learning is used by Early Adopters of Educational Technology: an International Survey of Ed-Media 2008 Authors

    Ken Masters, ITHealthEd, Austria

    Earlier research indicated a need to survey teachers to determine the use of mobile learning (m-learning) beyond pilot phase. This paper performs the first known international survey of a group of... More

    pp. 2629-2640

  16. The Podcast, the PowerPoint, and the Pie-in-the Sky Web site

    Thanh Truc Nguyen, Curriculum Research & Development Group, College of Education, University of Hawaii, United States

    This paper presents results from an ongoing, three-year case study of the perspectives of 13-year-old students on the value of podcasts, PowerPoints, and Web sites for their own scholarly... More

    pp. 2641-2645

  17. Learning as representation and representation as learning: A theoretical framework for teacher knowledge in the digital age

    Janaina Minelli Oliveira, Mercè Gisbert Cervera & Mar Camacho Martí, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain

    The present theoretical paper draws on the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge framework as a map onto which the contributions of a multimodal perspective of learning to teacher education... More

    pp. 2646-2653

  18. A Case Study of Distance Education at the Naval Postgraduate School

    Walter Owen & Benjamin Roberts, Naval Postgraduate School, United States

    This study investigates video Tele-education as an effectiveness instructional delivery mode for three graduate degree programs at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) when faculty attitudes,... More

    pp. 2654-2661

  19. The Media and 25 Years of Children and Computers

    Robert Sheehan, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

    This short paper examines how the use of computers by children has been represented in the news media over the last 25 years. Assuming the news media presents the interests and concerns of parents,... More

    pp. 2662-2666

  20. Situated experiences for learning through Age of Mythology

    Maria Solomou & Theano Yerasimou, Indiana University Bloomington, United States

    This paper investigates elements of commercial computer games that contribute to students’ meaningful understanding of content in context. Specifically, we implemented the game Age of Mythology in ... More

    pp. 2667-2670