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Educational Communication and Technology: A Journal of Theory, Research, and Development

1982 Volume 30, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Visualization in Learning and Instruction: A Cognitive Approach

    William Winn

    Examines visual cognitive processes having to do with perception, the assimilation of new information, and learning by analogy, and identifies instructional strategies to control each process.... More

    pp. 3-25

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  2. CLTV: Collaborative Learning Television

    Kenneth A. Bruffee

    Presents evidence that, contrary to popular assumptions, television viewing and learning both involve a high degree of social interaction. "Collaborative learning television" is proposed as a means... More

    pp. 26-40

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  3. Cultural Differences in the Perception of Image and Color in Pictures

    Rune Pettersson

    Examines the differences in visual and pictorial conventions between people in less technologically developed countries and those in the industrialized European sphere. The implications of these... More

    pp. 43-53

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