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Asian Journal of Distance Education

Volume 13, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 10

  1. Opportunities for Educational Diplomacy in South Asia

    Umesh Chandra Pandey, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Regional Evaluation Centre, Bhopal, India

    The South Asia is at the focus of Post 2015 developmental agenda primarily because of the largest concentration of poor population. Though the region is growing at the rate of 6 % during past 20... More

    pp. 5-22

  2. Guided Self Paced Learning through an Online Course on Basics of Nature Cure in India

    Kalyan Sarkar, PSYsolution, India

    The field of pure nature cure, health and holistic education are very important for human well being. To achieve the real health and happiness, education is the key. The genesis of this online... More

    pp. 23-37

  3. The Intersection between Real and Virtual in Contemporaneity through 3D modeling for the São João da Bahia Theater in Brazil

    Maria Antonia Lima Gomes, SEC - Secretary of Education of the State of Bahia, Salvador, Brazil

    This article is the result of the experience as a teacher and historian, and especially of the doctoral thesis, defended in the year 2017, through the Graduate Program in Education and... More

    pp. 38-50

  4. Distance Education in Brazil: Quality and democratization of access go hand in hand

    Luciano Sathler, Brazilian Association for Distance Education, Brazil; Josiane Maria de Freitas Tonelotto, University Anhembi Morumbi, Brazil

    The objective of this article is present the scenario of higher education offered at as distance learning mode in Brazil better known and to demonstrate that the students' academic performance has ... More

    pp. 51-58

  5. Perspectives on a Graduate Online Course that Modeled Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to Teach UDL

    Julia Parra, Azadeh Osanloo, Carolyn Raynor, Sherry Hair, Thomas Korang, Cristina Padilla & Suparna Chatterjee, New Mexico State University, United States

    The purpose of this article is to provide the instructor and learner perspectives of an online learning technologies course that used Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to support the... More

    pp. 59-87

  6. Brazil’s Social Justice Policies for Higher Education: What can we learn from Asia?

    Matheus Batalha Moreira Nery, Department of Psychology, Business and Education, UNINASSAU, Brazil

    Brazil tertiary education has evolved substantially in the last 20 years. The policies set up by the Brazilian government aimed at different targets. There were actions to expand the enrollments in... More

    pp. 88-108

  7. The teaching design and application of diversified open English educational resources in Open Distance Learning in China

    Xia Li, Wuhan Radio & TV University / Wuhan Vocational College of Software and Engineering, China

    As the main content, the design quality of diversified Open English Educational Resources in Open Distance Learning will directly affect the learners' learning interest, learning motivation and... More

    pp. 109-114

  8. New Languages for the History: Transformations Mediated by the Digital Technology

    Alfredo Matta, Francisca De Paula Da Silva & António Amorim, Universidade do Estado da Bahia – UNEB, Brazil; Edivaldo Boaventura, Universidade Salvador – UNIFACS, Brazil

    Based on the 15 years long analysis on the investigation about the relationship between Research and Knowledge in History and the Development of Digital Technology for the teaching and research in ... More

    pp. 115-127

  9. Visionary Leadership for Digital Transformation: In a Time when Learners Take Ownership of Their Learning

    Ebba Ossiannilsson, Swedish Association for Distance Education, Sweden

    The rethinking of leadership at all levels is required to reach the goals of learning and education in 2030 when learners will take the lead in orchestrating the process and manner of their own... More

    pp. 128-148

  10. International Conference on ICT for Education: Glimpse and Highlights

    Vinod Kumar Kanvaria, University of Delhi, India

    An International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Education was held at the Department of Education, University of Delhi, Delhi (India) on 27 th January, 2018... More

    pp. 152-174