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Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Sep 22, 2013 Volume 29, Number 4


Eva Heinrich; Michael Henderson; Petrea Redmond

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Number of articles: 10

  1. Using the TPACK framework to unite disciplines in online learning

    Alan Anderson & Nicholas Barham, University of Newcastle; Maria Northcote, Avondale College

    This paper builds on a previous case study in which a group of lecturers from various disciplines were interviewed about their practice as facilitators of online learning. The lecturers' comments... More

  2. Understanding the role of prior knowledge in a multimedia learning application

    Riaza Mohd Rias, University Technology MARA(UiTM); Halimah Zaman

    This study looked at the effects that individual differences in prior knowledge have on student understanding in learning with multimedia in a computer science subject. Students were identified as ... More

  3. Interactivity with the interactive whiteboard in traditional and innovative primary schools: An exploratory study

    Sandra de Koster, VU University Amsterdam; Monique Volman & Els Kuiper, University of Amsterdam

    One of the main affordances of the interactive whiteboard (IWB) is its potential for increasing classroom interactivity, yet little is known about the interactivity it supports in schools with... More

  4. Surveying in-service preschool teachers' technological pedagogical content knowledge

    Jyh-Chong Liang, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology; Ching Chai & Joyce Koh, Nanyang Technological University; Ching-Ju Yang & Chin-Chung Tsai, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

    Many teachers are reporting that they need to develop more subject-specific applications of educational technology. However, there seems to have been a lack of theoretical frameworks to guide... More

  5. Learning to take the tablet: How pre-service teachers use iPads to facilitate their learning

    Mark Pegrum, Christine Howitt & Michelle Striepe, The University of Western Australia

    Mobile handheld devices are spreading rapidly in education. iPads, especially, are increasingly being adopted by different educational sectors, but there is currently little empirical evidence on... More

  6. Exploring the TPACK of Taiwanese secondary school science teachers using a new contextualized TPACK model

    Syh-Jong Jang & Meng-Fang Tsai, Chung-Yuan Christian University

    Technological pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) has been one of the steering theoretical concepts widely employed by researchers in order to examine and develop teachers' knowledge of... More

  7. Educational technology training workshops for mathematics teachers: An exploration of perception changes

    Wilfred Lau & Allan Yuen, The University of Hong Kong

    This study examined the effects of educational technology training workshops on perception changes of mathematics teachers. Three perceptions, namely, pedagogical orientation, efficacy, and liking ... More

  8. Effects of experiential-based videos in multi-disciplinary learning

    Khalid Bin Abdul Jabbar, Alex Ong & Jeannette Choy, Republic Polytechnic; Lisa Lim

    This study examined the use of authentic experiential-based videos in self-explanation activities on 32 polytechnic students' learning and motivation, using a mixed method quasi-experimental design... More

  9. Evaluating types of students' interactions in a wiki-based collaborative learning project

    Maria Prokofieva, Victoria University

    Wiki technology has been promoted as a collaborative software platform. This study investigates interactions that occur in a wiki-based collaborative learning project. The study draws on... More

  10. Collaboration and competition on a wiki: The praxis of online social learning to improve academic writing and research in under-graduate students

    Julie-Anne Carroll, Queensland University of Technology; Abbey Diaz, Judith Meiklejohn, Michelle Newcomb & Barbara Adkins

    While the Internet has been described as fundamental to higher education students, social and leisure internet tools are also increasingly being used by these students to generate and maintain... More