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AEDS Journal

1983 Volume 16, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. The Use of Computers to Aid the Teaching of Creative Writing

    Mike Sharples

    An analysis of the writing process is followed by a description of programs used in a computer-based creative writing scheme developed at Edinburgh University. An account of a project to study the ... More

    pp. 79-91

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  2. Some Determinants of Computer Awareness Among Education Majors

    Philip A. Griswold

    Reports the methodology and results of a research project which assessed the level of computer literacy among 119 education majors. The predictor variables studied were locus of control, age, sex, ... More

    pp. 92-103

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  3. Identifying Factors Influencing Computer Science Aptitude and Achievement

    John Konvalina

    Examines the effects of high school performance, high school and university mathematics background, previous computer experience, and age on computer science aptitude and achievement as measured by... More

    pp. 106-12

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  4. Computers and Teacher Training

    Robert A. Zuckerman

    Describes eight different levels of educational use of computers and proposes nine instructional goals for university computer resource centers to train teachers to become well-informed, competent ... More

    pp. 123-30

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