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Annual Computers in Libraries Conference


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Number of papers: 3

  1. The Louisiana Online University Information System and the Louisiana Library Network

    Ralph J. Boe

    In 1990, the Louisiana Board of Regents commissioned a task force on libraries to develop a plan for greater cooperation and resource sharing among the state's academic libraries. The mission was... More

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  2. The Unlimited Potential of the Electronic Library (Except Where Prohibited by the Copyright Law)

    Steven Schmidt & David Lewis

    This paper describes the creation of a new library facility for Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, one designed ready to accommodate an infrastructure that would support the new ... More

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  3. Teaching the Net: Innovative Techniques in Internet Training

    D Scott Brandt

    Teaching the Internet is hard because the technology keeps changing, the system is complex, the environment is relatively unstable, and it is hard to know how much one needs to know in order to... More

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