Contributing and Collaborating on LearnTechLib

LearnTechLib is designed to connect educators, students, and learning professionals with one another, and to provide tools to facilitate research into the subject of computing in education.

The more you and other contribute to the site, the more useful it will become.

Update Your Profile

If you have a user account on the site, you have a profile page on the site. The page can contain as much or as little contact information as you want. It also lists any of your papers published in the digital library, as well as the AACE conferences you have attended. You can add a photo, and enter information about your affiliations or interests.

Tag Papers and Articles

Logged-in users can tag papers and articles by going to the abstract page and then scrolling down to the Tags section at the bottom of the page. Tagging papers makes it easier to find papers matching specific topics rather than broad topic categories.

Discuss the Papers

At the bottom of each page is a "Comment" link that allows you to comment on a paper. Once a comment has been submitted, it becoms a threaded discussion that other users can respond to. Use the comment form to ask authors about their paper, or to discuss the ideas raised in the paper.

Contribute to the Digital Library

Currently, a majority of the content for the LearnTechLib digital library comes from proceedings papers from AACE Conferences, or journal articles from AACE journals. If your work is presented at an AACE conference or published in an AACE journal, it will also be made available in the LearnTechLib.