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Collections for Video

Collections enable you to organize your research results into Collections of papers and other media such as Journal articles, Conferences papers, e-Books, Reports, Dissertations, Videos, Keynote Talks, Presentation slides, & Webinars. 

From your Collection, a Course Pack (Reading List) may be created.  

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  • 154


    Compiled by: Kylie Peters

  • 603

    AACE journals

    Compiled by: ZC C

  • 85

    Business & technology studies

    Compiled by: Meredith Gray

  • 1

    Information Literacy Education (Library & Media)

    digital & printed media blended literacy, competence in access to both types of media, teaching or learning by means of digital media, blended media literacy theory or professional practice by librarians or other faculty at secondary schools or in higher education

    Compiled by: Fred Hoffmann

  • 113

    Web 2.0

    Compiled by: Kele Anyanwu , United States

  • 20


    Compiled by: Francisco Garonce , Universidade de Brasília , Brazil