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EdMedia 2017

Jun 20, 2017


Joyce P. Johnston

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Table of Contents

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  1. Activity Theory and Interactive Design for the African Storybook Initiative

    Alan Amory, Saide, South Africa

    This research is about a redesign of the online and mobile app African Storybook (ASb) initiative services that support the creation of openly licensed storybooks for Africa. This redesign was... More

    pp. 303-312

  2. Cooperative Learning and Web 2.0: A Social Perspective on Critical Thinking

    Rae C. Schipke, Central Connecticut State University, United States

    This article discusses how cooperative learning as a socioinstructional approach, relates to both socially-based emerging technologies (i.e. Web 2.0) and to critical thinking with respect to co... More

    pp. 455-464

  3. Teacher Perspectives on Technology Integration Professional Development: Formal, Informal, and Independent Learning Activities

    Monty Jones, Virginia Commonwealth University, United States; Sara Dexter, University of VIrginia, United States

    This mixed-methods study examined the technology integration learning activities of four teachers throughout one year using weekly quantitative surveys and a series of three qualitative individual ... More

    pp. 566-577

  4. Reasons why some university students avoid the online learning environment in blended courses.

    Robert Ellis, University of Sydney, Australia, Australia; Feifei Han, University of Sydney, Australia

    Integrating an online component into a university course is typically done to improve the student experience. However the intent of the teacher’s blended design may not always align to the students... More

    pp. 768-777

  5. Educational Effects of a Virtual Reality Simulation System for constructing Self-Built PCs

    Shogo Teranishi & Yoshio Yamagishi, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan

    Recently, virtual reality (VR) has attracted much attention. We have developed a VR learning application that simulates the process of constructing a self-built PC. Users can virtually experience... More

    pp. 1214-1222

  6. The Challenges and Benefits of Regular Face-to-Face Interactions at Large-Scale Blended Learning Courses

    David Sichau & Lukas Fässler, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

    One of the challenges of large-scale blended-learning courses is to provide individual feedback to the students. This paper describes an approach where a large-scale online course is combined with ... More

    pp. 1276-1285