Submission Types Accepted to the Digital Library

Published Article
An article that has already been published to a recognized journal, includes peer-reviewed and scholarly journals.
The journal must have an ISSN. You will be required enter the journal's ISSN in order to submit your article to the digital library.
Conference Paper/Presentation
A paper presented at a conference. It may or may not have been published in a proceedings book or other peer-reviewed or scholarly journal.
A manuscript or paper presented in fulfillment of a Masters Degree or Doctoral Degree or equivalent from a wide assortment of institutions.
A specific subject area describing the course to be studied outlining detailed lesson plans, including assignments, goals and objectives.
Book or eBook
A literary piece of work bound together in publication form presented as text in the form of a book.
Book Chapter
A paper, essay, or manuscript that was published as a chapter in a book.
Technical Report
A practical technical, scientific, industrial or mechanical paper discussing facts, data, and methodology for a specific project or design.
Research Instrument
An instrument used to examine and investigate research methods and techniques.
An unpublished paper on a single topic, not covered by any of the types above.
A video. Formats permitted: MPEG, Ogg Video, FLV, AVI.