Submission Guidelines

LearnTechLib actively seeks individual submissions of high-quality Learning and Technology related materials. Please read through the guidelines below before submitting.

Digital Library Content

Contributions to the digital library may include journal articles, conference proceedings, theses, dissertations, reports (research papers, case studies), courses, tutorials, courseware experiences, evaluations, review papers, and viewpoints.

General Guidelines

Material must be your own work, scientifically accurate, and in good form editorially. The manuscript should be informative, summarizing the basic facts and conclusions, and maintaining a coherence and unity of thought.


Handling of Submitted Materials

All submissions are acknowledged upon receipt. Your submission will be reviewed and if it is determined to be appropriate for the library, you will be notified when added to LearnTechLib.

Accepted Submission File Formats

Submit your manuscript in either of the following formats:

Manuscripts should be single-spaced and a font size of 10 or 11 is preferred.


An informative, comprehensive abstract of 75 to 200 words must accompany the manuscript. This abstract should succinctly summarize the major points of the paper, and the author's summary and/or conclusions.

Materials submitted retain their original copyright.